Anti Snoring MouthPiece – SleepTight Review

SleepTight Mouthpiece Review

The SleepTight anti snoring mouthpiece has been on the market for a few years now. The product has quickly grasped the attention of many snorers around the globe to become the number one solution to snoring.

This device is a mouthpiece that slowly pushes the lower jaw forward to avoid snoring. When pushing the lower jaw forward, loose tissue and muscle that are around the airway become tight allowing the airway to open. An airway that is tight will not be subject to vibration that causes snoring.

Differentiation of SleepTight

This mouthpiece is made from EVA thermoplastic resin that can be changed in shape when put in water Buy SleepTightthat is close to boiling temperature. This allows for custom molding of the mouthpiece before use. The features that differentiate it from other mouthpieces are:

  1. Dual Laminate Design

When you pay a closer look at the mouthpiece, you will notice that it has three layers of material. The center framework contains flexible and pliable thermoplastic while the upper and lower layers contain a softer and pliable material.

After heating the two layers become like gel whereas the plastic flows into the tooth safe for a close impression. The stiff plastic center also becomes moldable but fails to completely compress when fitting.

SleepTight has a dual laminate design that is patented and prevents you from biting through the plastic when fitting. This stiffness of the center assists in resisting clenching forces that are not uncommon with snoring.

  1. X-Large Breather Hole

Some people tend to breathe through their mouth while they are asleep. The SleepTight device offers one of the largest unobstructed airholes for breathing out there. This large air hole makes way for air to enter the mouth and leave freely without making unwanted sounds.

When the air hole is small, the mouthpiece makes whistling sounds when you breathe heavily. This mouthpiece can be beneficial to those suffering from sinus issues, nasal inflammation, colds, polyps, deviated septum and allergies due to the large breathing hole.

  1. Raised Teeth Ridges

There are nineteen raised ridges on the upper and lower trays of the mouth guard. The ridges coincide with the teeth’s position and assist to push the plastic EVA material inside and around the teeth. This leads to a tight and comfortable fit.

The ridges are included in the above laminate design. They change into a pliable gel-like state when put in hot water for one minute. This feature is unique to SleepTight and that is why the mouthpiece fits closely inside the mouth.

Therefore, for an easy snoring solution, get a SleepTight mouthpiece device and you will definitely sleep tight.


*Offer Details: With your order, you will be able to try SleepTight Mouthpiece for 30 days. The 30 day trial begins once you order your SleepTight Mouthpiece. You pay only $9.95 today and that includes the shipping and processing (shipping and processing fees are non-refundable).

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