Blue Light Therapy For Treating Acne


All About Blue Light Therapy for Acne

What is Blue Light Therapy?

Blue light therapy is a unique type of method to get rid of acne. This is not a method to cure, but to control it. You can receive blue light therapy professionally, or with at home systems. The process of how this method works is with the special blue light. The blue light kills bacteria that causes the source of the acne.

This bacteria is named propionibacterium which cause your face to break out. This bacteria is found in the oil glands of your face and the blue light will essentially get rid of the bacteria. The heat that the light gives off will then shrink the oil glands, which will reduce the oil in the skin and result in less acne. ThisBlue Light Therapy is not a one use treatment, and is something that will show a difference after multiple sessions.

The Benefits Of Blue Light Therapy

This light will reduce the amount of acne that will grow on your face along with having your skin, not as oily as it could be. You can purchase a home system that can save you time from traveling from session upon session. It does not work for everybody, but it does have a good rate of success.

At Home vs Professional Methods

There are two ways that you could achieve this method of Blue Light. You could buy an in home system which can range from thirty to two hundred dollars. This at home system is a simpler method that would save the hassle of traveling and scheduling an appointment, but the light that you would purchase would be weaker than professional lights.

However, this is an excellent option for people who have minor acne and can combine it with topical creams. In comparison to professional lights, they do have their major differences. One difference is the power source, the professional machines are by far more powerful than at home machines, so it will be a bit faster rate rather than at home. The deal breaker for comparison is the price. For a good session it could cost from one hundred to two hundred dollars per session.


One con is this method does not work for everybody and it really depends on the person. Another con is the price, if you want to have a good working method it can be costly at times. However, if the price will not work for you, you can ask a local dermatologist and let them help you with your financial situation.

Complete Overview

Overall this is an excellent idea for someone who has minor acne or somebody with a topical medication who would like to try a new method for acne treatment. This can be costly with a professional system, but can be cheaper if you buy an at home system that is not as powerful as an appointment. It does not have many cons and is safe for people to use. It is a hit or miss for certain people, but the best way to figure out what is best is to try and see what works well for you as an individual.

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