Can E-Cigarettes Be Really Harmful To Your Skin?


Does Vaping Age The Skin?

It’s absolutely true to say that e-cigarettes are the ultimate solution for long-term smokers who want to quit smoking fashionably, and without causing undeserved confusion to their normal body functioning. Ever since they entered the market several years ago, E-cigarettes have received several awards for being the safest and most reliable way to smoke.

We can’t deny the fact that e-cigarettes are safe ande-cigs can affect your skin health beneficial since there are lots of studies backing their usefulness.

However, what E-cigarette manufacturers don’t tell us is that vaping has diverse effects on our skin health. If you are like many other e-cigarette smokers who are eager to know if vaping affects their health in anyway, here you will know how e-cigs can affect your skin health.

Inhibits Proper Flow Of Oxygen And Blood

Just like ordinary cigarettes, e-cigs contain toxic compounds and chemicals. Intake of these chemicals inhibits blood and oxygen from flowing smoothly to your skin. The lower the supply of oxygen and blood to the skin, the lower the essential nutrients it gets. The continuing deficiency of essential nutrients will make your skin to start developing signs of early aging.

Fastens Breaking Of Elastin And Collagens

The toxic chemicals and elements found on e-cigs as well make your skin elastin and collagens to break faster than expected. As you well know, collagens and elastin play an essential role in making your skin look healthy and fresher.

Depletion of these essential skin elements usually results to early skin aging and wrinkles. The more you smoke, the higher the depletion rate of collagens and elastin something which at the end will result to your skin looking unhealthy and older than it is.

Starves Your Skin Of Vitamin C

E-cigarette use as well drains your body of essential vitamin C. Studies have proven that vitamin C is essential for production of collagens. This means, by smoking e-cigs regularly, you continue to expose your body in a situation in which it does not get adequate supply of all essential nutrients. Without adequate supply of these nutrients, your skin will end up becoming prone to various health problems include premature aging signs and wrinkles.

Exposes Your Body To Free Radicals

Lastly, using e-cigarettes exposes your body to extreme harmful free radicals. Though e-cigarettes are known not to generate smoke, it generates high amounts of aerosols, liquid and tiny elements that are suspended in air puffs, so e-cigs can affect your skin health.

According to studies, these aerosols include very reactive free ranges that although lower than those in ordinary cigarettes can have severe impacts on your health. Free radicals are closely linked to most skin health problems known today. Therefore, smoking e-cigs poses your skin to the risk of getting wrinkles.






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