How To Get Rid Of White Stretch Marks


What Causes Body Stretch Marks on Men and Women?

These stretch marks are a relatively common occurrence for women and to a lesser extent for men. Growing children can also develop them during growth spurts. To understand the causes of stretch marks it is necessary to have a look at the structure of the skin.

The Skin Is Made Up Of Three Primary Layers Of Tissue:

– The epidermis, which is the outer layer of skin, protecting your body;What Causes Body Stretch Marks

– The dermis, which is the middle layer of skin that supports the structure and also gives it flexibility;

– The subcutis, or hypodermis, which is the inner layer of the skin made up of both fat and connective tissue.

An insight into the causes of stretch marks is to be found in the middle layer or dermis. When stretched due to pregnancy, rapid weight gain or growth spurts, the dermis may rupture. The subcutis becomes visible through these tears resulting in the reddish and purple lines we call stretch marks. Blood vessels in the subcutis which are now visible through the tears in the dermis give these marks their distinctive colour. Over time, these blood vessels contract and become less visible giving rise to the characteristic pink, white or silvery colour associated with so called “older” marks.

So, What Are The Basic Causes Of Stretch Marks?


These marks are an extremely common side effect of pregnancy, especially after the sixth month, where the skin stretches a lot to accommodate the growing baby. This effect is compounded by an increase in the production of certain hormones which are thought to have a negative impact on the elasticity of the dermis. Pregnancy is definitely one of the top causes of these blemishes.

Weight Gain

Rapid and excessive weight or size gain is another of the common causes of stretch marks. This could be due to an unhealthy lifestyle, a propensity to obesity and in some cases weight training or body building.

Other Causes

Growth spurts, which are common amongst adolescents, will cause the dermis to stretch and can cause these marks in young people. Prolonged or excessive use of certain medication containing cortisone and other steroids is believed to reduce the elasticity of the dermis and can reduce it’s ability to stretch without tearing. In rare cases, stretch marks are an indication of hormonal/glandular disorders. These disorders will result in marks covering extensive areas of the body so when in doubt ALWAYS consult your doctor.


To summarize, there are a number of causes of stretch marks and with the exception of hormonal disorders, they are the result of the mid layer of skin rupturing as body mass increases rapidly. Although there is no cure and no way of preventing them completely, healthy lifestyle choices and quality topical treatments will reduce the severity of their appearance.


Informative And Educative Details On The Right Cream To Get Rid Of White Stretch Marks

Get Rid Of White Stretch Marks – Introduction

While trying to get rid of white stretch marks it is important to know the right products and methods to use. This is mainly because some products and methods are more effective and safer than others. There are also products which claim to be effective in their advertisements but they do not produce the desired results. Furthermore, some products have ingredients that can have negative effects on some people get rid of white stretch marksespecially people with sensitive skins. One product that is known to be effective and safe in getting rid of this kind of stretch marks is the StriaFade stretch mark cream. This particular cream is made using ingredients that are known to deal with white stretch marks effectively. But prior to knowing about this cream it is paramount to know some facts about white stretch marks.

Cause And Facts Of White Stretch Marks

White stretch marks have many causes but the primary ones are three. These primary causes are pregnancy, weight change and working out. This is mainly because these primary causes usually stretch the skin and as the skin gets back it leaves the white stretch marks. One of the primary facts about this type of stretch marks is that they are usually permanent.

This means that the effectiveness of the product used is determined on how well the product is able to conceal the stretch marks. Consequently, when one needs to get rid of white stretch marks it is advisable to choose a product that can conceal them effectively. Another fact about these stretch marks is that they usually appear on the waist lines and on the thighs. This is because these are the primary areas whose skin is stretched when one is pregnant, losing weight and when working out.

Qualities Of StriaFade Stretch Mark Cream

This particular cream is not only effective in concealing the already appearing white stretch marks, but it also prevents new ones from developing. This is because the cream increases the elasticity of the skin on the areas it is applied on and therefore the skin is able to withstand the changes of StriaFadeelasticity. The cream is able to achieve all this because it is made using different effective ingredients with five key ingredients which are Regu-Strech, Shea butter, Antarctine, onion bulb extract and marine collagen. These ingredients complement each other to prevent and get rid of white stretch marks.

This cream is simple to apply and works in approximately one month if applied in the right ways. All the ingredients of this cream do not have negative side effects and as a result the cream can be used even by people with sensitive skins. Furthermore, the cream’s effects are long lasting and therefore one does not have to worry about the stretch marks appearing back after a short time.

Effectiveness Of The StriaFade Stretch Mark Cream

The effectiveness of this particular cream is affirmed by the fact that it has been tested by professionals. The tests have shown that all the ingredients are effective and safe. Its effectiveness is further affirmed by the many testimonials from people who have been able to get rid of this kind of stretch marks through using this cream. Furthermore, upon buying the cream one is given a one month money back guarantee which shows the makers and sellers of the cream have confidence in its effectiveness. Therefore, one can readily and conveniently get rid of white stretch marks through using StriaFade stretch mark cream.

Effective Stretch Marks Creams :

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