Healthy Types Of Teas And Benefits To Skin And Hair


Teas And Their Benefits

As one of the most widely consumed and popular beverages in the world, tea is not only a delicious and balmy indulgence to quench our thirst, but also offers a host of health benefits too. A myriad of healthy types of teas dominate the international market and, subsequently, it would be beyond the scope of this Teas And Their Benefitspost to discuss them all. Nonetheless, listed beneath are three of my personal favorites; each variety packed with nutrients and highly palatable too.

Green Tea

Although hailed as the ultimate aid when it comes to weight loss, green tea is also rich in catechin; a natural antioxidant that counteracts the free radicals produced by our bodies.

Ensuring that antioxidants are present in our diet is imperative to good health, as the human body produces far more free radicals than it does antioxidants and when an equal balance of the two is not maintained, illness and disease can result.

Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is processed in the same way as green tea but then the leaves are covered with a cloth which is known as the ‘yellowing’ process. In addition, the leaves are then roasted which can take several days. Although less popular than green tea, yellow tea is, without doubt, ranked as one of the foremost healthy types of teas; renowned for helping to reduce cholesterol, aiding the prevention of type 1 diabetes, reducing inflammation in conditions such as IBS, helping to reduce the risk of cancer and aiding weight loss.

Oolong Tea

Although derived from the same plant as green and yellow tea, Oolong tea, like yellow tea, is fermented. After processing, Oolong tea creates a reddish-brown beverage which is favored for its light, sweet and aromatic flavor. This delicately flavored and refreshing potable has the same health benefits as green and yellow tea with a few additions.

The variety of antioxidants found in Oolong tea contain anti-aging properties, subsequently, this variety of tea is often used to promote healthy skin and also hair. Containing magnesium and calcium, oolong is also beneficial when it comes to maintaining healthy bones, thus, helping to reduce the onset of osteoporosis.

The caffeine content of Oolong is higher than that of green and yellow tea and, as such, can help stimulate mental agility and alertness and reduce the impact of acid reflux by soothing the digestive tract. It should be noted, however, that individuals who are sensitive to caffeine should opt for green or yellow tea.

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