How to Get Rid Of Age Spots On Hands

How to Get Rid Of Age Spots On HandsAge spots, also referred to as liver spots are black, brown or gray spots on the neck, face and hands- the areas that are more exposed to the sun than others. They are known as age spots since they normally appear at old age. People with fair complexion are more likely to have age spots, but this does not mean that darker people can’t have them too.
Medically, it is not necessary to eliminate age spots. They are painless, but most people will not like to live with age spots even if they don’t bother them. The good news is that, if you do not like how age spots look, there are some remedies to fade them away. The affected area of your skin is the outermost layer, and so anything between freezing it and getting underneath it with laser can be an effective remedy. There are homemade remedies available too. If the age spots appear on your hands, below is how to get rid of age spots on hands.

Natural Remedies

Lemon Juice
Since it has bleaching properties, lemon juice can be used to fade away age spots. It is also known to maintain clear, soft and beautiful skin. Rub in fresh lemon juice on the age spots and allow it to sit there for half an hour before rinsing it away using cold water. For positive results, apply it twice a day for two months. If your skin is sensitive, you can dilute the lemon juice with rosewater, water or honey to ease irritation. Something to note though, lemon juice can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight worsening the age spot, hence you should not leave it on your skin when going outside.

Castor Oil
Its healing properties enables it to get rid of age spots. You can mix it with coconut oil, vitamin E oil, almond oil or olive oil. Using a cotton ball, apply it on the affected spot and massage it gently for some minutes. Leave it to sit there for a few hours before washing it off. Apply it twice a day- in the morning and at night for some months to see positive results.

Aloe Vera
Its healing properties aid in skin regeneration, hence a good option when it comes to eliminating age spots caused by the sun. Fresh aloe Vera gel or aloe Vera juice from the market are good options. For about a month, rub the gel or juice on the spots gently, leave it for half an hour and rinse it off. Do this twice a day for good results.

Over-The-Counter and Product Prescription

It is a bleaching cream which can effectively fade away the appearance of age spots. A concentration of up to 2% is available OTC, but higher concentration has to be prescribed by a doctor. However, due to its potential carcinogenic properties, it has been banned in Europe and Asia. Still widely used in the US though.
NB. At this website, we do not recommend creams with hydroquinone

An anti-aging skin care product used to combat wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin elasticity and texture and fade away discoloration, inclusive of age spots. It is only available on doctor’s prescription either in gel or cream form in different strengths. It works on age spots by exfoliating the skin, getting rid of the outermost layer and revealing a fresh new skin underneath.

Professional Skin Treatment

During the procedure, intense laser light is let to penetrate the epidermis to cause skin rejuvenation. Skin pigments are scattered by the intensity of light and the discoloration is destroyed. Though it is painless, you may experience some discomfort hence the need of an anesthetic. Depending on the number of age spots and their size, you may need 2 or 3 laser treatments before they totally fade away. It is highly effective, only that it’s expensive.

Chemical Peel
Here, the dead skin is dissolved and a new skin is allowed to surface. The affected area has to be cleansed, a gel-like acid element applied and then neutralized afterwards to stop the chemical process. Normally, 2 treatment sessions with a 3-4 weeks interval are required to fade them away. Side effects may include redness, irritation and sensitivity.

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