The Best Face Cream For Dark Spots

the best face cream for dark spotsThe presence of dark spots on the skin is also known as hyper-pigmentation. Melanin is the substance that is responsible for the color of the human skin. When there is too much of this chemical in the skin, different types of spots can occur, such as dark spots. Skin pigmentation is often altered by sun exposure, but it can also be affected by aging. Usually people over the age of thirty have dark spots and if the spots appear on the face, they can be quite visible. When this happens, there are solutions to treat these spots and creams can do a good job. Because of the multitude of products that are available on the market, it is very important to find the best face cream for dark spots.

How Can Face Creams Treat Dark Spots?

Some types of face creams can brighten the skin areas where the spots are located and minimize the effects of sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. The process takes time and repeated applications of the cream are required to see visible effects. The ingredients contained in a face cream that is designed for dark spots can work together to help people obtain great results. Some of the best face creams for dark spots at this moment are SkinBright and Meladerm.

SkinBright Skin Brightening Cream

SkinBright is a lightening cream for the face that is based on an exclusive formula. It contains natural ingredients meant for brightening the skin, such as alpha-arbutin and kojic acid. These are two of the most powerful of all natural skin lightening agents. Alpha-arbutin is a natural melanin inhibitor made from the bearberry tree. Its advantage over other substances is that has no side effects. Kojic acid is a substance used for making Japanese wine (the popular sake). The SkinBright cream can be used for removing different types of skin discolorations, including the ones caused by aging, sun spots, acne scars and melasma. Results can be seen from the first week of application and this is a fact that people who used this dark spot removal cream have already confirmed.


Meladerm is another skin lightening product that can help people to reduce skin discoloration and hyper-pigmentation. This means that scars and dark spots can be removed with just a repeated application of the cream. It can take a few months for the spots to be completely eliminated. The first results for this dark spots removal cream are seen in about two weeks after application. The product is designed specifically for people with sensitive skin, but it works for anyone. Two of the contained ingredients are alpha-arbutin and kojic acid. Other ingredients are these: Gigawhite (a plant extract) and tego cosmo C (an amino acid). People who have used the cream already are very happy with its effects and say this could be the best face cream for dark spots.

Why Recommend People with Dark Spots to Use SkinBright and Meladerm?

Both creams contain ingredients that are great alternatives to hydroquinone. These ingredients are better than hydroquinone because they don’t have its side effects. Both creams are preferred by many users and are recommended by professionals in the field of dermatology. There are many consumer reviews that can prove this. They contain not only skin lightening ingredients, but also ingredients that can moisturize the skin and nutrients. None of these products contains harmful chemicals. Instead, they contain natural alternatives. These products have already been around for some time and each of them is considered by many users the best face cream for dark spots.

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