The Best Lightening Cream For Black Skin Without Hydroquinone


The Best Lightening Cream For Black Skin

The Best Lightening Cream For Black SkinPutting all the controversy aside, there are many skin lightening creams for black skin which you can use to get the complexion that you have always desired. And the market is too saturated such that it is hard to select the right product which will work for you.

EpiBright specialises in skin lightening creams and they have products for all skin types and support staff to help with your enquiries. There are some creams that will work perfectly for Indians, Asians and African Americans and will also lighten dark spots. Depending on the product you have selected, you can lighten your skin by up to four shades. But if you want to lighten your entire body, you may need to consider skin lightening surgeries.


Benefits of Applying Epibright Cream for Black Skin

If you have been struggling to get rid of dark spots and discolorations from your skin, you do not have to struggle anymore.

By applying epibright skin lightening cream, you can be assured of getting amazing results that will make your skin look great. This is a cream with herbal extracts and brightening agents that have proven to be perfect for the health of your skin.

It has gained popularity among many people because of its strong moisturizing and brightening effects. The cream is also unique because it enhances long term radiance and a smooth facial tone.Epibright Cream for Black Skin It is formulated in a way that helps the skin remain moisturized and strong, unlike other brightening creams that makes skin look dry.

The natural extract found in epibright also makes it the best lightening cream for black skin without hydroquinone. Bearberry and mulberry extracts work together with alpha arbutin to give that skin radiance you have always desired. Licorice extracts offer a moisturizing and soothing effect and help reduce risk of irritation. In overall, Epibright has an amazing blend of active lightening agents and natural elements that make it outstanding compared to other skin lightening products.

Epibright Advantages

Long lasting effects

Epibright provides long lasting skin lightening results because of the presence of kojic dipalmitate. This element helps the cream to adhere to facial skin deeply over a long period of time, thus making the ingredients penetrate and lighten all your dark spots.


Unlike most other skin lightening creams, epibright does not have side effects. This is because all its ingredients are approved and safe on the skin. So, you have peace of mind when applying it knowing that nothing bad will happen to you.

Works all on skin types

It does not matter the type of skin that you have, epibright will offer you great results. Its powerful lightening agents will give the desired results, making it a great cream.


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Meladerm -The Effective Solution To Black Skin

Natural Skin Lightening Cream For Black Skin

You could be a person with black skin trying hard to lighten your skin for one reason or another but nothing seems to work. Well, there’s hope for you. Different skin lightening creams have ingredients to cure different flaws in the body.lightening products for skin

The recommended cream for you is Meladerm skin lightening cream. But before going any further, it is wise to understand why your dark skin is perfectly normal and how Meladerm can work wonders for you.

What causes black skin?

In everyone’s skin regardless of the color, there are cells known as melanocytes. Melanocytes produce melanin, the dark pigment that gives skin and hair their natural color. In the skin, there also are organelles where melanin is made, stored and transported referred to as melanosomes.

The size and distribution of these organelles determine if your skin will be dark or light. The larger they are and the more they are in the body, the darker the skin. In essence, black skin is caused by the presence of large melanosomes that exist in large numbers in the skin. With that understood, we can now look at this skin cream called Meladerm.

What is Meladerm?

Meladerm is a natural skin lightening cream for black skin, the best lightening cream for black skin that is made with natural fruits and extracts. It is fast and effective in action and it has more functions other than lightening the skin.

It also treats hyperpigmentation-a mild skin condition whereby melanin forms deposits in the skin, causing patches of skin to be darker than surrounding ones, helps heal scars, freckles, dark spots and melasma, which is a condition that causes brown to gray-brown patches to appear on the face and other areas that are exposed to the sun such as the arms and neck.

If used in the right amount for several days, it will offer instant treatment and you won’t have to try bleaching and other painful skin lightening schemes that may have disastrous results.


SkinBright Cream – Does it work?

Good Bleaching Cream For African American Skin

Many of us would like to brighten our skin for one reason or another. To reduce blemishes, for healthy looking glowing skin, to combat discoloration, to remove acne spots and scars, to reduce hyper-pigmentation and the list goes on.

How does it work?

skin brightening creamIt works efficiently due to powerful and natural ingredients which make it better than the average skin whitening cream. Ingredients like hydroquinone and paraben have been left out making it Good Bleaching Cream For African American Skinmuch safer to use for a wider variety of people.

Vitamin E naturally conditions the skin and fights ageing. Willow bark extract is an anti-inflammatory and has very useful soothing properties on the skin. The two most important active ingredients combat skin discoloration and help to even out the skin tone creating a cleaner complexion.

Bearberry tree extract contains a natural melanin inhibitor, Alpha-Arbutin. This is a natural substitute for hydroquinone and is much friendlier on the skin.

For darker skin tones, Kojic acid has been proven effective for whitening of the skin. Also, it is very good for sensitive skin. This is very efficient as well as natural and can be used on almost all skin types.

Why is it good?

An extensive list of natural ingredients makes this product much safer and more effective at skin lightening than the leading competitors and could be one of the best lightening cream for black skin . The results can be seen in as little as two weeks as it eliminates dark spots and brown patches very effectively. The skin will begin to look more radiant and healthy in short time, and it also prevents the reappearance of dark spots. A cleaner complexion will be visibly apparent.

Things to remember

When looking to improve the skin in any way it is always best to use more natural ingredients.
Test products on small concealed areas to check for negative side effects.
Avoid using the product if any adverse reactions occur.
It is better to apply less, more frequently, than to apply a lot all of a sudden; allow the skin to adjust to a new routine.
Apply and leave for at least 10 minutes for greater absorption.


The skin can be very delicate, and many products contain harmful, synthetic ingredients which can be bad for the skin in the long run.

To avoid adverse effects, it is important to be patient with treatment as many creams which act fast can cause long term side effects and actually cause more harm than good. iI is important to choose natural products which, although they may take a little longer to produce results, will have better long term effects.

SkinBright cream is tried and tested and produces visible results after just two weeks. It is safe, effective and natural, so it ticks all of the boxes when looking for a skin lightening cream.

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