Acanthosis Nigricans Treatments And Causes

All You Need To Know About Acanthosis Nigricans

Do you always have dark patches on your skin especially in the armpits or elbows? Most people experience this pigmentation of skin disorder without ever noticing. This disorder in skin pigmentation is medically known as acanthosis nigricans.

Classifications of skin pigmentation disorders

There are two broad classifications of acanthosis nigricans namely;

Benign: These include all the forms of inherited nigricans or the one caused by lifestyle diseases like obesity.

Malignant: They include nigricans that come as a result of using tumor- related products.

Causes of Acanthosis Nigricans

They occur when the epidermal cells in the skin produce faster than the usual rate. The abnormal growth of cells of the skin can be attributed to the increasing levels of insulin in the bloodstream.

When you consume a lot of carbohydrates the body converts it to glucose. The glucose is used by the body to generate the energy required to carry out daily activities. Obese people always generate some kind of resistance to insulin which leads the insulin and glucose level to increase. The increased insulin leads to increased reproduction of skin cells. The presence of Nigrican pathches on your skin suggests that you stand a high chance of getting diabetes in the future.

It can also be caused by any kind of medication that causes an increase in the level of insulin in the bloodstream.

How Can Acanthosis Nigricans Be treated?

The condition can be treated especially if it is detected in its early stages. Patients can try to eat special diet aimed at decreasing the amount of insulin in the blood.

There are other treatments that are generally aimed at maintaining the appearance of the patient which include using RetinA and salicylic acid

If the condition was caused by the medications, it is highly advisable you stop using them due to their negative effects.

There are various cosmetic treatments that can be used to eliminate the dark patches in your skin. This can be achieved by using various skin lighteners that are available in the market.

Can Acanthosis Nigricans Be Prevented?

The condition can be prevented from occurring in your skin by

-Having a good health lifestyle

-Regulating your diet

-Adjusting or changing medications that can affect the insulin level

If your condition is caused by obesity, then concentrate more on losing weight to prevent future occurrence of such a condition. It is important to emphasize here that acanthosis nigrican is not an ailment but a temporary condition. It can be treated once detected on its early stages.