The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Vaginal Bleaching Cream That Is Right For You

Choosing A Vaginal Bleaching Cream

Vaginal bleaching over the past years has become acceptable to women of all ages who wish to brighten the skin around their vagina which tend to be more pigmented than other areas of their body.

Hyper-pigmentation around the vagina may be as a result of child bearing, cosmetic damage due to chaffing and friction from tight underwear etc. Vaginal bleaching is like any other beauty procedure that need not be a hustle and expensive.

How To Choose The Right Vaginal Bleaching Cream For You

  1. Examine the ingredients listed. When it comes to ingredients of vaginal bleaching products, less is more. Since the area around the vagina is sensitive to harsh chemicals, the less ingredients a product contains the better an alternative it is for you and your vagina.
  2. Avoid products with high quantities of hydroquinone. Although hydroquinone may be prescribed by a doctor as a skin discoloration treatment, it is inadvisable to buy over the counter bleaching agents which have hydroquinone in large concentrations; hydroquinone can be harmful especially to areas with very sensitive skin like the vagina and cause long term irreversible effects.
  3. Do pick products with organic ingredients. Naturally occurring substances like mulberry and bearberry bleach the skin naturally. Unlike chemicals, they are gentle on the skin and are highly recommended for use in intimate areas of the body like the vagina.
  4. Avoid perfumed products. Products containing perfumes may adversely affect intimate areas since they easily cause itching and rashes. While picking a vaginal bleaching cream, pick products whose ingredients don’t have perfuming agents.
  5. Do pick products with soothing agents. Natural soothing agents are known to reduce the outbreak of rashes, prevent itching and irritation especially to skin in intimate areas.
  6. Do pick products which contain a moisturizer. As with any other areas of your body, the skin around your vagina may be prone to drying. While picking an intimate bleaching cream, it’s important to pick one which contains a moisturizer to ensure the skin around remains soft and supple.

Moisturizers have the added benefit of ensuring the skin is less prone to drying and therefore chaffing leading to irritation.

Why Pick Epibright Intimate Bleaching Cream?

Unlike expensive spa treatments, Epibright bleaching cream is a simple DIY cream which can be applied to your intimate areas from the comfort of your own home. It also contains soothing herbal extracts and bleaching agents that are specifically designed and formulated for the sensitive skin around your vagina.

Epibright intimate bleaching product doesn’t contain hydroquinone. Instead, it contains kojic dipalmitate.

Kojic dipalmitate is a complex containing kojic acid and alpha-arbutin which is a fast acting powerful active ingredient essential in the bleaching process. Alpha-arbutin is an extract of the bearberry plant and thus it’s an organic compound which is safe for long term bleaching without any adverse effects.

Epibright also contains a Triple A complex. The Triple A complex which is an algae complex rich with amino acids serves to reduce the irritation in sensitive areas especially the vagina.

Mulberry and bearberry extracts are natural products which have been added to added to work in harmony with alpha-arbutin to gently bleach the skin around your vagina thus leading to a brighter skin over time. Melissa officinalis and licorice extracts are soothing compounds that in addition to moisturizing the skin around your vagina, they also create soothing effect that provide a balm preventing irritation.