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Acne Treatment : Exposed Skincare Products

Acne is a very common problem and it is usually faced by teenagers and young adults. Instead of going to the dermatologist everytime, one can prevent and cure acne just by making a few changes in their skin care products.Best Over The Counter Acne Treatment

Exposed Skincare Products are the best over the counter acne treatment.

Exposed Skincare Products are made from benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and purified water with tea extracts to calm irritation and inflammation. They also have moisturising complex which keeps skin soft. The best part about Exposed Skincare Products are that it can be used on any skin type i.e. normal, dry, oily, sensitive or combination. These products are for women as well as men.

There are various skin care products which can easily included in our daily routine:
FACIAL CLEANSER – Cleansing is the most basic step in any acne treatment. It removes dirt from pores and with its active ingredient it fights the acne causing bacteria.

CLEARING TONIC – This clearing tonic will penetrate deep inside your pores and exfoliate them. It has to be applied once a day and the results will be visible in just few weeks. It is very good for your skin as it has no alcohol.

ACNE TREATMENT SERUM – It is a day time serum which hydrates skin as it has glycerin and at the same time it will clear those pesky zits very quickly with its tea tree extracts and benzoyl peroxide.

CLEAR PORE SERUM – It can be used as night time serum as the gel is comparatively thicker yet light weight. It doesn’t dry out the skin but it leaves skin soft in the morning and also helps to remove spots.

MOISTURE COMPLEX – Moisturising is an integral part of any acne treatment as sometimes the treatment may leave your skin dry and a bit flaky. With its purified water, this gel will control oil and retain skin elasticity.

CLARIFYING MASK – This mask will do wonders for your skin. With the 1st use, you will notice less blackheads and also super fresh skin. We can use it twice a week for excellent results as it is paraben free.

MICRODERM SCRUB – The texture of this scrub is really nice and it has tiny crystals which do not irritate your skin. After using it for few days blackheads and whiteheads will start disappearing.

DERM X CLOTH – This cloth is a magical piece of cloth. It exfoliates and remove dead skin cells, cosmetica, cosmetics, sebum oil, and many other things. It will improve the texture and tone of the skin.

DERM X BODY CLOTH – Keeping our bodies clean is as important as keeping our face clean. Just as the DERM X cloth, this DERM X body cloth will remove blemishes and oils and bring back that soft supple skin. It will easily clean your entire body.

BODY WASH – Exposed Skin care products have a body wash too which is suitable for all skin types. Just use it while bathing and positive results will be seen.

PROBIOTIC COMPLEX – This complex helps to clean and clear your skin from inside as it has different types of vitamins present in it which will cure face and body acne and also prevent it.

Exposed Skincare Products have come up with different kits (60 days) such as basic 5 piece kit, expanded 6 piece kit and also ultimate 9 piece kit. There is also travel size 30 days kit
Exposed Skincare Products are made with natural ingredients and best scientific formulae and because of this they are very friendly to your skin and also to your pocket as they are super affordable.

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There are various skin care products which can easily included in our daily routine...

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