Intimate Skin Bleaching At Home


Intimate bleaching is becoming a popular at home beauty and feel good treatment. For many years, there have been different cosmetic remedies that are specially designed to improve the overall appearance and the beauty of a person. With the different advancement technologies and beauty enhancement techniques, there is now a special technique of beauty. Anal bleaching is a new technique that is among the recent intimate bleaching remedies.

What Is Anal Bleaching?

This is the process of lightening the area around the anus. Mostly, a medicated cream will be applied around the anus to make the dark area lighter. During the procedure, some safety precautions will be anal bleachingused. The anus will be applied with fresh wax to prevent it from the harsh effects of the chemical. When the wax is still fresh, the cream will be applied around the anus and left for a while.

The anal bleaching tends to be somewhat affordable, though that will depend on the type of the spa offering the procedure and the price of the wax. The condition of the patient will also affect the cost. A typical spa will offer the services from around $100 and $150. This is a fee that can always fluctuate in many situations. Once the specialists at the spa apply the cream, you will be sold the cream at a particular price. That means that you will end up spending over $200 for the service and the cream.

The procedure normally takes 20 minutes or more. The darkness or complication of the patient’s anus will affect the overall time taken. If the skin is too dark, it might require the specialist to reapply the cream severally. Some choose to apply the cream two times in a week, for a period of 8 weeks. You should always seek professional help when you need to apply the cream.

Choosing The Best Anal Bleaching Cream

When you are in search of the right anal bleaching cream to use, you will want to ensure that you go through all the vital factors. You will want to check for the ingredients of the cream, the acidic content, the brand, and the ability to lighten the intimate areas. You should also consider checking that the cream has been specifically designed to be used for the intimate bleaching. With these considerations, you can be sure of getting the right results. Out of all the anal lightening creams, anal bleaching cream stands as the best of all and it has helped many to get the desired results.

Anal Bleaching Cream

Listed as the best anal bleaching cream on the market, This is an intimate bleaching cream that doesn’t contain the harsh ingredients like mercury, parabens, fragrance, or hydroquinone. The cream is made with ingredients that are gentle on the skin around the anus and tough on the color. It helps to lighten the anus area and other intimate areas in the fastest way possible. You will not have to reapply it many times and it is the best choice for those that want a cream that delivers the best in one application. It can also be used to get rid of the scar on the skin, especially if you have scars from a C-Section operation.

To enjoy the best anal lightening cream, you will want to check that you understand the possible side effects of that cream. Never use an intimate lightening cream if it has not been approved by a doctor. Also ensure that you know how to use it.

Epibright Intimate Bleaching Cream – Is It Effective for Anal Bleaching at Home?

skin bleaching creamOne of the products that are marketed for do it yourself anal bleaching at home is the Epibright anal bleaching cream. According to the manufacturers and reviews, the product can do wonders to your anal region. Not only does it makes you feel cleaner and more confident, but also makes you feel sexier. However, is this product really worth the money and time? To find the right answer, we took a deeper look at the product.

Who Is It Meant For?

Epibright Intimate is a popular cream that is intended for lightening or brightening the skin around the anal area. The practice which was initially associated with porn stars, strippers and movie stars is being embraced by other people. Epibright anal bleaching cream is targeted at any adult who desires to lighten the anal region. In addition to anal bleaching, the skin lightening cream is also suitable for the vagina, underarms, nipples, scrotum as well as penis.

What are The Main Ingredients?

Epibright seeks to make anal bleaching at home easy and more effective. According to the label, the product is mainly constituted of natural and organic companions that are safe for the skin. Kojic dipalmitate and alpha-arbutin are the main active ingredients and are effective in bleaching the skin. Other notable compounds include bearberry, mulberry, and amino-acids which are all natural.

How does it Work?

The main ingredients in Epibright anal bleaching cream work by targeting both symptoms and underlying causes. Kojic acid and alpha-arbutin are natural bleaching agents and target skin pigmentation. Kojic acid has same effects to hydroquinone but doesn’t cause any irritation or burning effect. By inhibiting the production of ,tyrosine, a chemical that stimulates the production of skin pigment/melanin, the cream eradicates any dark patches and irregularities. Mulberry and bearberry has soothing effects which minimizes any skin irritation.

What Are The Key Benefits?

-Natural and Organic: The anal skin lightening cream is made from natural and organic ingredients. It doesn’t affect the body’s natural ways of working.

– Durable results: Since it targets both the underlying causes and symptoms, the positive effects are more permanent.

– Versatile: Though marketed as an anal bleaching product, Epibright cream also works on the underarm, scrotum, penis, vagina and other areas.

-Easy to Apply: Applying the cream is simple and easy and doesn’t require any special skills or processes.

-Minimal Side Effects: Since it’s made from natural ingredients, the cream won’t bring about skin irritation, rashes, reddening, sensitivity and discoloration.

Reasons Why Anal Bleaching is Famous / Popular

Anal bleaching is now a famous therapeutic procedure offered in salons. Its popularity is predicted to reach that of Brazilian waxing. The rise in popularity has mainly been due to changes in the social behavior and positive endorsement from the media.

Improved Looks

anal bleaching boosts your self-image and self-esteem. It ensures you get an even skin color throughout your body. Biologically the skin in the anal region is darker than the rest of the body. This skin tone difference is more apparent after waxing and on wearing swim suits. When you do anal bleaching, the even skin tone gives one a sexier cooler look.

Additionally, anal bleaching makes an individual look younger. Aging and pregnancy have the undesired effect of darkening skin in the anal region. This is caused by a change in hormonal balances within the body. Older people who have had the procedure claim they feel younger and their partners no longer complain of uneven skin tone.

The drive to do away with racism and tribalism is part of the cause for the rise in popularity of the procedure. Some groups of people are known to have dark patches of skin on the knee, nipples and anal regions. The drive to look the same has led to the adoption of anal bleaching as part of the bleaching procedure.

The Media

If you watch Television shows, you must have heard discussions on anal bleaching. Anal bleaching initially started as a necessity in the porn industry. It was then taken up and popularized by Hollywood celebrities. It then trickled down to the rest of society. In TV reality shows, anal bleaching is portrayed as a fashionable procedure. The media houses, in general, have played a big role in ensuring the public is knowledgeable of the procedure.

Sexual Behavior Change

anal sex has played a crucial role in the rise of anal bleaching. This has made women conscious about the appearance of their anal regions. Additionally, the procedure is common with homosexual men. This is due to the rise of the LGBT community.


Salons and spas offering anal bleaching services are in abundance. This together with the availability of bleaching creams has made anal bleaching famous. The marketing of the bleaching products has been vigorous; celebrities endorse it and natural safer products are launched almost on a daily basis. Nowadays it is common to hear a famous politician or movie star has had the procedure done.

The fame of anal bleaching is based on both sensible advantages and ordinary media marketing strategies. This fame is poised to rise even further and if you want to reap the gains of it, you better get the procedure done.

Intimate Skin Bleaching

Know More About Intimate Skin Bleaching

Anal Bleaching is a skin lightening procedure done in areas around the anus. It is usually done for cosmetic reasons; to make the skin tone of areas around the anus to be uniform with the surrounding skin color. It can be done by;

  • Retinol treatments which are applied topically by dermatologists
  • Laser & microdermabrasion treatments done by a certified skin care professional
  • Medical treatments done by doctors/medical professionals
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) home treatments at the privacy of your house


Although the procedure can be done by medics or beauty professionals many people often opt to do the procedure themselves at home in the privacy of their bathroom with a bleaching treatment of their choice.

Is Anal Beaching Safe?

So many people are wondering if anal bleaching is safe and what will happen after you have done it. Yes, Anal bleaching is safe. And just like any cosmetic procedure, choosing the right product is the key to getting positive results as not all bum bleaching products are safe. Pick the right product and pay close attention to the ingredients and instructions to avoid skin irritation. All the anal whitening treatment are not equal. Avoid any bleach product that contains Hydroquinone.

For a safer procedure, do the treatment yourself. The DIY home treatment is the most common and the safest procedure. Not only are you in control of the products you use, you are also in control of the whole process. You can test the safety of the product by applying bits by bits and you can stop the procedure if you feel uncomfortable.

How To Bleach Your Anus Safely

  1. Prepare the Anal Area to be lightened

First clean and wipe dry the rectal region that you want bleached. Use an exfoliating scrub to ensure that any excess matter or skin is removed. Be gentle when exfoliating to ensure that the bleaching cream isn’t applied on the broken ass skin.intimate bleaching cream

  1. Apply the Bleach Cream

For an effective bleaching process, apply the right cream externally & rub it on until it is all absorbed. Rub in thoroughly, in a gentle circular motion.

  1. Know When to Stop Using the Cream

Once you have reached your desired skin tone that is when you should stop using the product to avoid making the skin lighter.


Bleaching results vary from person to person as it depends on the individual’s skin tone, skin sensitivity and the bleached skin color they are desiring. People with darker complexion may have to undergo several anal bleaching treatments to get their desired skin tone. However, one can start seeing visible results within four weeks.

How To Use Anal Bleaching Cream

Anal bleaching is a therapeutic procedure where you get to whiten the anal region. You can do anal bleaching by either going to a spa or by using topical ointments and gels at home. Doing it at home is more convenient. You are able to lower the cost and avoid all the embarrassment associated with exposing your anus in public. If you decide to do it at home, knowing how to use the bleaching cream is essential for attaining the desired results.


The right bleaching cream is everything. The best of these products are made from natural ingredients, are simple to use and come at a reasonable price. Identify the cream that suits you best by visiting an online store and looking at what they have. Ensure the cream you purchase does not have any harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone, which is carcinogenic.

Cleaning the anal area is crucial to avoid any infection and undesired drug side effects. Shave off any hair from the area and clean gently using a brush. After cleaning dry the area using a towel to remove any moisture. Additionally, check to ensure that no injuries and open wounds are in the area of application. Where a cut exists, avoid the area and only apply when it heals.

Applying The Cream

The amount and times of application vary with the cream formulation. For most creams, however, you are instructed to apply in the morning and in the evening. The cream is to cover the entire area to be bleached. It is important to wipe off the excess cream to avoid sweating and irritation. Repeat the cleaning and application process for either 15 or 21 days until visible results are seen.
This is the general guidance and you should always read the instruction on the application written on the cream container before use.

Getting The Right Results

Patience is important in order to attain the right results. A change in skin color is seen only after two weeks and trying to get the results faster is counterproductive. Do not apply too much cream or apply more frequently than recommended it only causes skin irritation and injury.
On top of that ensure the cream is stored in a cool and dry place. Poor storage of the cream leads to loss of function as they are made from natural components.


Do not be left out of the anal bleaching trend, you can do it yourself. Find the right product, maintain good hygiene and follow the application instructions. Natural creams are safe and will get you the result and at the same time maintain your health.

Five Effective Ways To Have A Safe Anal Bleaching Experience

Anal bleaching is a medical procedure to lighten the skin around the anus. Most people often opt for this treatment for aesthetic reasons. You can have this procedure in a salon to lighten the skin around your anus.

Some people who cannot afford the treatment can have the procedure in their home, as well. However, in the salon, a medical expert will usually perform the procedure. Whether you are having the treatment in your home or in a salon, it is vital to have a safe anal bleaching experience. Here are some useful tips to bleach your anal region safely.

  1. Keep Your Anal Region Clean Before The Procedure.

This means that you have to wash and dry your anal region before having the procedure. You can do this through waxing or through a shave, if necessary. This is because applying the bleaching cream on the dirty area will make the procedure ineffective, besides ruining the tone of the skin in the area.

  1. Use Bleaching Products That Are Safe To The Skin Around Your Anus.

Although anal bleaching is not a daunting treatment, it is vital to use safe-to-use products. This means that you have to choose a bleaching cream that contains organic ingredients, such as Kojic acid. This is because Kojic acid is a safe substance, which is used in cosmetics as well as in food products. This will not only lighten your skin effectively in an affordable way, but also in a natural way.

  1. Use A Gentle Brush To Apply The Bleaching Cream To The Anal Area.

This means that you have to avoid using your fingers while applying the bleaching cream to your anal region. Using a small, soft brush to apply the product will aid you greatly in applying the cream in right quantity as well as in a safe way.

  1. Wait Some Days For The Desired Results.

Usually, any skin lightening product cream will take some days to offer the desired results, so the anal bleaching cream is no poles apart. Therefore, wait patiently to see your desired results. This is because the product will take some days to eliminate the old skin and to develop the new skin in your anal area.

  1. Avoid Using Bleaching Products That Contain Hydroquinone.

If you want a safe anal bleaching result, it is better to use a bleaching product that does not contain harsh ingredients, such as Hydroquinone. This is a prohibited product, as it may cause skin cancer.

Safe anal bleaching is an effective as well as a safe way to boost your confidence. This is because your anal region will appear great during your sex. This will not only aid you greatly in getting an enjoyable sex experience, but it will also protect your skin from a variety of skin disorders. Nowadays, the procedure is more common in men as well as in women for lightening the skin around their anus.


Our Final Verdict

Epibright is marketed as natural and organic skin lightening cream for the anal region. It is also suitable for other intimate regions. The key ingredients help compact the discoloration and dark skin patches by limiting the production of the skin pigment, melanin. This takes place naturally and minimizes the possibility of any side effects. Users love the simple application procedure, fast action and more permanent results. The product is suitable for anal bleaching at homeboth men and women. Unfortunately, the product is only available online and can only be shipped to specified regions. Anyone intending to do anal bleaching at home will find Epibright anal bleaching cream a good choice?







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