The Causes Of Dark Nipples And How To Lighten Them


Solutions To Dark Nipples And Causes

Darkened nipples can be a real unsightly problem for some women, as it may affect their self-esteem, sexual inhibitions, confidence and daily activities.

What Causes Dark Nipples?

Dark nipples are caused usually by menstruation, breastfeeding, pregnancy and natural looks, the good news is these dark nipples can be lightened with certain nipple lightening creams. Nipples are a woman’s secondary sexual arousal zone or erogenous zone, so naturally nipples darken with sexual arousal, in some countries women go for the opposite rather by darkening not lighteningWhat Causes Dark Nipples their nipples to attract men, so dark nipples is not necessarily a bad thing but if you goal is to lighten them then there are a few products on the market.

The causes of nipple darkening are…


During pregnancy, a woman’s nipples may darken due to hormones, darkened veins around the breast, or lactation.


This can be a natural part of a young woman’s development.


During breastfeeding, the capillaries are constricted which causes the darkening of the areola.

Illness and Medication

Darkening of the areolas can occur during sickness or by taking certain medications.

What types of medications or help are there to alleviate this problem?
Thankfully there are a few, from intimate skin lightening creams and ointments to hair removal tools to remove the hair around the areola to give the whole breast a more delicate appearance.

These lightening ointments, creams, and serums all guarantee good results, applying them in different ways over different periods of time as they are not just limited to the nipples but also to the eyelids, lips, scrotum, anus, armpits, vagina and different intimate areas of the body.

Then there are hair removal tools like a light hair removing magic wand to remove the dark unsightly hairs around the areola and pubic regions, these can be helpful fine tuning additions to the lightening effect of your body.

How Can I Find These Products?

I would recommend a google search for intimate area lightening products and solutions to see what you think you may need and what may work best for you, spend your time going over all the available products and methods and you may find that they can be both inexpensive and fit well into a busy schedule.

Always consult your doctor first if any other these products may have interactions with medications you may be taking, which said medications may also be the cause of the darkening of the area, so always consult your doctor first. Lastly, be self-aware and if you really want and need to lighten your areolas or other areas be certain it is something you want and need to do.

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