Understanding Micro Needling For Face And Skin


Skincare Roller – Micro Needles

Skin conditions such as acne, saggy skin, scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles make our skin less appealing. Some of these conditions such as wrinkles around the lips and eyes come with age, and it is almost impossible to avoid them.

As we age, the production of the protein responsible for skin rejuvenation and youthful appearance known as collagen decreases. Luckily for us, the invention of micro needling therapy has seen to it that the skin rejuvenates even at the age of 70, reducing the appearance of wrinkles for older people. It works on all skin types and colors.

What is micro needling, skin care treatment?

It is a chemical free process that uses devices with fine needles to puncture the skin controllably for themicro needling purpose of neovascularization and neocollagenesis. Neovascularization is the production of new blood cells on the slightly injured area.

Neocollagenesis is the production of more collagen on the skin that seeks to heal the wounded area. The idea behind micro needling is to stimulate the skin’s healing response by producing more collagen to fill the little wounds created by the needles.

Therefore rejuvenating the skin to give it a firm, smooth and youthful appearance. It reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks as well as the size of pores on the skin.

What is the procedure involved in micro needling?

During this process, an anesthetic cream is used on the patient to minimize the pricking pain caused by the device. The tools employed in the procedure depends on whether a medical practitioner will perform it or whether you will do it yourself.

Trained experts use devices with needles that range between 1 to 3mm long. They are more aggressive and give better results. For people who prefer performing the procedure on themselves, the devices recommended have needles that are below 1mm.

They create shallow microscopic channels and are meant to maximize the absorption and effectiveness of skin care products such as anti-aging serums. For the whole treatment, a patient may require three to four needling sessions with an interval of 4 to 6 weeks in between the sessions.

Are there side effects of micro needling?

Yes, there are side effects but worry not, for they subside within the first 72 hours. They include redness, flaking, and slight irritation.

Common conditions treated with micro needling

As mentioned above, skin conditions treatable with micro needling include; wrinkles on the face, lips, neck, arms, abdomen and legs. It also reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars caused by acne and sunburn..









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